Future of eSports Gaming

Do you love playing free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena games such as DOTA 2 and Heroes of Newerth? If yes then continue reading. I’ve been playing these 2 games for more than 5 years already and I think each game is unique on its own. I love these 2 games compared to League of Legends which has a 2D look and feel, unlike these 2 games they are really 3D and you can judge based from the hero details and skills, specially during clash. Every skills and combos is really magnificent.

These MMORPG games are very popular worldwide specially the tournaments that were televise and shared in different social media platforms. Good news is that there are also institutions that support e-gaming because there’s a huge money on this market. Many are against because many teenagers are getting addicted to gaming and they don’t finish their studies in college. I agree that it is not good to see this happened, that’s why if you think your kids want to go to this route, just support them but explain them how important to have a good educational achievement.

Having a degree or completed a 4 year course can give you an upperhand and can be used to find a decent job or even establish your own company in the future. We are not sure how consistent e-gaming, but for now we are seeing a huge competition and considered as opportunity for gaming enthusiast.

It is also a good way to avoid illegal stuff such as drugs, gambling addiction. Gaming is proven to keep those harmful hobbies at bay with your children so I suggest if you have seen your kids a huge potential on this, just give your full support and let em enjoy. I hope this article enlighten a lot of people minds regarding the importance of education and the fast growing e-sports gaming.

Increase Your Gaming Laptop Lifespan Using Laptop Cooler

Gaming laptop is one of the best gaming system you can buy online or anywhere, even on your favorite local gadget store. These machines are very expensive compared to gaming consoles, that’s why proper care is really needed if you want to extend its lifespan. But the common question is – how do you properly increase the life of  your laptop? It’s very sad that not all gadget store explain the importance of this, maybe because they want you to overuse your laptop, therefore you will going to purchase again in the future. Lucky you are if the store owner give a few tips how you can take good care of your laptop, but if not here are some of the best tips I can give.

Use Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers are available in not so many options, around 2 types of cooling are available in the market. The most popular is the air cooler which primarily composed of a docking station to make your laptop elevated with at least 1 to 3 cooling fans. These fans main role is to blow cold air into the bottom part of the laptop. There are single fans but extremely huge and powerful. There are also customizable where you can adjust the position of each fans to match the ventilation area of the laptop. There are also coolers that offers additional USB ports that really come in handy if you run out of USB slot for your peripherals either for mouse, keyboard, printer, or for your flash drives.

The other type of cooling, yet no so popular is the vacuum type which can be installed on the exhaust area of your laptop. Majority of the exhaust are on the left side where the hot air comes out. The idea about laptop vacuum type cooler is it helps pull the hot air inside the system. Based on research vacuum type cooler is much effective compared to the laptop air cooler with fans that blows air from beneath the system.

Vacuum type coolers are expensive compared to the air cooler and not easy to find. Most of these can be purchased via Amazon website. There are many designs, but all have the same concept. Be sure to pick one which is compatible in your laptop because they have different sizes.

Clash Royale 2017 Year End Updates

I didn’t expect that my favorite game Clash Royale will released a spectacular updates before this year ends. They just released 3 new cards and 1 upcoming legendary card that will become available in the next few days. There are also cards that were nerfed and buffed to make the game balance as many are complaining that there are cards that were nerfed before but still are overpowered in every arena. So without further ado, let’s get it on!

Starting with the new cards

Hunter – this card is a 4 elixir epic card that can be unlocked from Arena 9. It is a range card that deals splash damage buy shooting bullets from different angles. This card is perfect to defend with swarm troops such as Minion Horde, Goblin Gang, Barbarians, Skeleton Army, and Graveyard. It is also had good amount of hp to withstand a few damage before dying.

Zappies – The Zappies card is a rare troop card that continuously zap enemies that it targets, similar to what electro wizard is capable of doing. This card is best counter for inferno dragon, inferno,  and sparky. They have pretty low hitpoints and damage, so the stunning power is only their specialties obviously. This card can be acquired in Arena 11, Electro Valley.

Royal Ghost – This legendary card is a stealth 3 elixir card that will be invisible after you have deployed it. Once encountered a melee troop that’s the time it will become visible after hitting the enemy. It can kill icewizard in 3 hits, it is quite tanky, and the best part is – it is really sneaky card similar to bandit. You need to wait for a couple of days before you can have the chance to purchase this card, especially for those users who are already in the 4000 trophies where they can buy legendary cards in the store.

There’s also running 12-win challenge to a chance of winning the Royal Ghost card. Although it is really quite difficult, I just recommend to wait for it on the shop and save some money to spend on gold as you will need 40,000 gold to buy it. If you don’t have the money I suggest you check online giveaways, yes there are websites that gives Clash Royale Gems and gold totally for free!

In addition to the latest updates, there are also 3 new chest that you can get and unlock.

The lightning chest where you request another set of cards after opening it and you are not contented with the content. The other one is called fortune chest where you can see its content and have the chance of winning 1 out of the 4 items that is inside plus another sets of cards in random. The last one is a King chest card that contains a lots of card and it is very similar to draft chest where you can choose from every draw of common cards, rare, epic, and legendary cards.