The Rotating Bezel Watch

Diver watches with the Rotating Bezel function to determine the diving time according to the time of use of oxygen cylinders. It is very important that divers know how much time is left for the oxygen supply to be sufficient to return to the surface.However, for those of you who are not professional divers, you can still use the rotating bezel as a reminder of time on daily activities. For example, if you have a meeting scheduled in the future, you can set it according to your needs. This function is the same as a commonly known countdown timer. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to check out our best tissot watch as well.

How to use the rotating bezel feature

Rotating Bezel is useful as a marker when your settings will finish. So at any time, you can use your diver’s watch as a reminder of time.
Suppose your watch shows 3:30 a.m., you can start the 30-minute hand point as a benchmark at the start. Slide the triangle at the rotating bezel to the 30-minute hand point as the starting time marker.

You can keep an eye on the time you have passed by looking at the set time limit. When the clock shows at 3:45 then you have passed 15 minutes. Corresponds to the minute hand point which shows the 45th minute and the Rotating Bezel point at the 15th point.

As simple as that, the Rotating Bezel function can be used in daily activities, although its main function is to measure the duration of diving according to the capacity of the oxygen tube being carried.