Do You Have Safe Electrical Installation?

How can you ensure that the installation of electricity in our home is installed properly and safely? Yes, you must ensure that the electrical installation in your home is properly and safely installed You can call electrician singapore for this reason. Everyone certainly wants the electrical installation is installed properly, safely, and according to their needs.

When we want to install an electrical installation at home, whether it’s the installation of a new electric home, or for the addition of an existing electrical installation, most people will use the services of an electrician to install the electrical installation.

However, for some people who do have knowledge about installing electrical installations at home, they can install electrical installations in their own homes. Please be aware that poor and unsafe electrical installations can cause a variety of hazards such as fire, shock, and others. Every homeowner wants to have a safe electrical installation based on the standard the government has.

You must check the size of the cable used. Of course, the size of the cable is also a very important thing for you to pay attention to, because if the size of the cable used is not in accordance with the electrical power in your home, or if the electrical cable used is too small it can cause the cable to heat up and burn.
Therefore, you need to make sure that the size of the electrical cable used for electrical installation in your home is in accordance with the current carrying capacity.

In addition, you also have to check the socket and switch used. Installation of a socket, lamp switches and fittings that are incorrect, can cause electrical installations in your home to be unsafe. Installation of sockets and switches must have a distance of 150 cm from the surface of the floor, if installed lower, the socket used must be equipped with a cover.