Tips On How You Can Be The Professional Journalist

If you are familiar with Perry Abbonizio, will you see his profile here? When it comes to determining a new job, especially journalist, you will need the inspiration and advice from the professional, right? If you want to become a professional journalist, here are what you should know.

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First, trying to be interested in everything! Interest has an influence on someone. In his presentation, Desi said that he had interviewed a world artist he liked, but when the interview took place, the artist had an attitude that was not good enough so that the interview was brief. In other conditions, desi interviewed a desi actor who looked at the actor as usual but, after interviewing Desi’s interest, increased because of the attitude of the resource person.

Second, you should have curiosity. For example, in a case, a journalist is not enough to just know in general. Its critical power must be honed in such a way that it can know even the smallest thing. For this one, the author has heard that a journalist “must know the color of the source of the interviewer” in this case, so the picture is that journalists do know a lot of information from the sources.

Third, journalists should not be easily satisfied. It means here to be a journalist, do not immediately be satisfied with the results obtained. Perhaps there are things hidden by the speakers. So from that sense of not being easily satisfied must be nurtured from the beginning.

Fourth, it is important to love the profession. We know that being a journalist has more time than the time of other professions. Desi said that she had 26 hours, 24 hours for her profession and another 4 hours for other activities.

Furthermore, you must be responsible. After doing something, each individual must be responsible for what he does. If a problem occurs, for example, written not in accordance with the facts, then the journalist must be responsible for his writing. So in the world of journalism facts cannot be interfered with at all. Journalists will understand that there are terms of checks, checks, and checks for the truth of what he wrote.