These Are Some Key Types You Can Choose For Home

Home security is indeed one of the important things that must always be considered. No wonder, if there are many people who are careful in choosing the keys to their homes. Some of them did choose analog house keys, but some began to switch to digital keys for their homes. Whatever type of key is used, you must realize that the problem will always be there. If you experience a problem with your home key, then use the services of auto locksmith services to handle it.

Another thing you also need to pay attention to is the selection of the type of house key. There are several types of house keys that you can choose.

1. Standard duty lever
Actually, this type of key does not have a key at all because it only functions to open and close the door. However, never use this type of lock for the main door at home.

2. Digital
Today, there are many people who prefer digital homes because they are considered more modern, safe and do not waste their time locking and opening the doors of their home. In fact, digital home keys are usually equipped with LCDs and use several doors unlock methods, there are some choice to unlock your door, you can use PINs, passwords, remotes, and others. This type of key is considered safer compared to other types of keys.

3. Doorknob
This type of lock is usually used in bathrooms because the handle is comfortable to hold. In addition, this key is also not quite safe when used on the main door. Inside of this key, there is a button that you can press to lock the door. The price of this type of key is indeed inexpensive and is used by many people for their bathroom doors.