Increase Your Gaming Laptop Lifespan Using Laptop Cooler

Gaming laptop is one of the best gaming system you can buy online or anywhere, even on your favorite local gadget store. These machines are very expensive compared to gaming consoles, that’s why proper care is really needed if you want to extend its lifespan. But the common question is – how do you properly increase the life of  your laptop? It’s very sad that not all gadget store explain the importance of this, maybe because they want you to overuse your laptop, therefore you will going to purchase again in the future. Lucky you are if the store owner give a few tips how you can take good care of your laptop, but if not here are some of the best tips I can give.

Use Laptop Cooler

Laptop coolers are available in not so many options, around 2 types of cooling are available in the market. The most popular is the air cooler which primarily composed of a docking station to make your laptop elevated with at least 1 to 3 cooling fans. These fans main role is to blow cold air into the bottom part of the laptop. There are single fans but extremely huge and powerful. There are also customizable where you can adjust the position of each fans to match the ventilation area of the laptop. There are also coolers that offers additional USB ports that really come in handy if you run out of USB slot for your peripherals either for mouse, keyboard, printer, or for your flash drives.

The other type of cooling, yet no so popular is the vacuum type which can be installed on the exhaust area of your laptop. Majority of the exhaust are on the left side where the hot air comes out. The idea about laptop vacuum type cooler is it helps pull the hot air inside the system. Based on research vacuum type cooler is much effective compared to the laptop air cooler with fans that blows air from beneath the system.

Vacuum type coolers are expensive compared to the air cooler and not easy to find. Most of these can be purchased via Amazon website. There are many designs, but all have the same concept. Be sure to pick one which is compatible in your laptop because they have different sizes.