Practicing Your Pitch Swing For Playing Golf

When playing on the field and the drive blows go wild everywhere, the ball gets lost off the track and into the trees or bunkers does not mean the game is finished. We can still work on it by returning the ball to the game path through pitching blows golf town. So it is very important to understand the good pitching blows to save our golf game. Learning to pitch with accuracy and consistency can have an impact when we play golf. Apart from that, we also recommend you to take a look at the recommended and popular pattaya golf course whenever you’re on a vacation in Thailand.

Swinging should be a skill for anyone who wants to play golf, it takes time to be able to master it well. Practicing pitching is different from practicing swing drives because it does not require full power and is very flexible.

Amateur golfers like me often feel insecure when they hit, and often direct the ball in an irregular direction so that the ball can land everywhere without good direction.

To pitching, do the same preparation when you hit an iron. But we want to replace the element that produces power full of elements that prioritize the elements of control and mastery of taste.

You can reduce power and increase control when the sliding scale area (= space where the stick moves down and hits the ball) by adjusting the following elements:

  • Reduce the width of the way to stand.
  • Grip a little more down.
  • Reduce swing length.

Practicing pitching blows is just as important as practicing drive swinges and putter blows. With the right attitude and body position (of course in accordance with the conditions of each body), can get results in accordance with expectations.

That’s it for the tips that we can share with you this time. Although it’s quite short, we hope it helps you to play golf better in the future.